The Spins: Vinyl Listening Party w/ Moby

Kick off your 2018 with us & Vinyl Me, Please at The Spins featuring Moby Play.


Enjoy a night of music, meeting the local vinyl-loving community, and pint specials. A dollar for every pint sold supports January’s Cheers for Charity partner, the Big Brothers Big Sisters. Who knows, you could even end up taking home your own copy of ‘Play’ on vinyl!


Play was an outlier when it was released in 1999; an electronic album made with decades-old vocal samples, a last-ditch attempt by Moby to forge a successful music career. Thanks to licensing deals that put Play in movies and car commercials, it sneakily got more airplay than any electronic album before or since, and because of that, has become the most influential. Electronic music went from being the province of a few obsessives to being a global force thanks to Play’s mainstreaming of the genre.

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