Live Music: Matty Metcalfe

Matty Metcalfe is an accomplished and versatile musician and ethnomusicologist who is equally at home in the studio and performance venues as he is in the classroom. His mastery of many different instruments, from piano and accordion to banjo and guitar, coupled with his ability to seamlessly move between and within musical styles keeps him busy as both a session and touring musician. Mr. Metcalfe also enjoys teaching master classes that demonstrate the connections within and between musical art forms through cultures and time—links that add to an ever-evolving pool of styles that comprise ‘world’ music. His interactive lecture on the origins and evolution of blues music was recently featured in a ‘Music and Leadership Symposium’ presented at the Federal Executive Institute (FEI) while his credentials as a performing musician have led to tours and album credits with acts from Nashville, TN to Galway, Ireland and to stages such as the Kennedy Center and the Grand Ole Opry.