The Debut Series represents the first time in the spotlight for each release in this draft-only lineup,
showcasing our brewing team’s passion for creating big, high-gravity beers.

Launched in 2015, many of the beers in this series have gone on to become seasonal releases or
altered for a limited release. Here are the past Debut Series releases:



Debut Tripel is Starr Hill’s own take on the classic ale made famous by the Trappist breweries in Belgium. Brewed with crushed coriander, fruit and citrus notes compliment the spicy yeast character and create a deep and complex flavor. At 9.5% alcohol by volume, the Tripel is incredibly well balanced with the perfect touch of sweetness as well as a slight bitterness from US Saaz hops. Released in January 2015.




Debut Nitro Oatmeal Cookie Stout is a smooth-bodied oatmeal stout brewed with vanilla beans and cinnamon. Aromas of chocolate, vanilla and spice take you back to grandma’s kitchen. Chewy oats and chocolate malt dominate the palate. The smooth mouthfeel provided by the nitrogen makes this beer the liquid version of an oatmeal cookie. Released in March 2015. This was Starr Hill’s first nitro beer.




Debut Belgian Witbier with cherries features citrus and tangy wheat with subtle spice notes. Tart cherry rounds out the finish of this classic Belgian brew. Released in May 2015. A variant was also brewed with lemon and lime.





This dry-hopped Czech Keller Pils is crafted with Pilsner malt, Czech hops and lager yeast. It is golden in color with a mildly floral hop flavor and clean malt finish. Released in July 2015.





Debut Maple Brown is a classic English Brown Ale brewed with 5 different malts and hopped with East Kent Goldings. The maple aroma, with subtle vanilla notes, leads into a rich and smooth body with a slight chocolate character. Released in September 2015.



Debut Coffee IPA features citrus and floral coffee notes on the nose and firm hop flavor on the tongue, this is a unique take on a classic American-style India pale ale. A blend of whole Ethiopian and Honduran coffee beans comprise the dry-hop, while a soft coffee flavor percolates throughout, and grapefruit from the hops comes through on the finish. Released in November 2015.


Debut Double Chocolate Stout, the 7th Debut Series release, is a full-bodied imperial stout that’s all about the malt and the chocolate. Aromas of dark chocolate, mocha and vanilla arise from cocoa additions. Big, chewy malts and the use of lactose impart a rich mouthfeel. Robust flavors of bittersweet chocolate and dark fruit lead into a smooth chocolate truffle finish. Released in January 2016.



Debut Barrel Aged Tripel, the 8th Debut Series release, is the same base beer as the first Debut release, Debut Tripel, aged in Smooth Ambler whiskey barrels to add notes of oak, vanilla and bourbon, creating a complex beer perfect for sipping. Released in April 2016.




Debut Double IPA, the 9th Debut Series release, is dry-hopped with Falconer’s Flight, Mosaic, Sorachi Ace and Calypso hops to achieve a powerfully tropical citrus aroma, balanced by a smooth, malty backbone and subtle bitter finish. Released in July 2016.




Debut Barleywine, the 10th Debut Series release, is a full-bodied beer with massive caramel malt notes reminiscent of burnt sugar and toffee. Malty sweetness and fruity flavors lead into a warming finish. This high gravity brew is the perfect way to get cozy on a cold winter night. Released in October 2016.




Debut Scotch Ale was the the 11th Debut Series release. Brewed in the Highland tradition, this ale’s notable features come from Scottish yeast and an extended maturation time. Rich, smooth and deeply malty, the aroma of dark fruit and caramel precedes this full-bodied beer’s clean malt finish. Available January-March 2017 with a limited release Bourbon Barrel-Aged edition tapped in September 2017.





Debut Denali Double, the 12th Debut Series release, features Denali hops from the Pacific Northwest, which bring huge pineapple and berry notes and nicely complement the citrus flavors of additional hops. Hop character is balanced by a smooth malt backbone and subtle bitter finish. Available April-June 2017.





Debut Farmhouse IPA, the 13th Debut Series release, is the spunky, hopped-up cousin of saison. A light malt bill and dry French Saison yeast form a crisp and clean saison base. Citra and Galaxy hops blast this base and accentuate the fruity yeast esters creating a perfect, go-to IPA for the summer. Available July-September 2017.





Debut Imperial Stout, the 14th and final Debut Series release, is a unique Imperial Stout that combines roasted coffee and bittersweet chocolate characteristics from a blend of darkmalts with a heavy addition of Simcoe hops to create a complex, pronounced aroma and a deep, balanced flavor. Available October-December 2017.