Underground Artist Series: Party Monster by Nick Ka'imi Fregosi


It’s no secret that all of us here at Starr Hill love the art of beer and the art of music, but, we also have some very crafty staff who enjoy creating art outside of work… So we designed a very special taproom-only series to celebrate their creativity by featuring their work as can labels.

Meet Nick:

Amazing street artist, Packaging Technician, and certified dancing machine.

Nick's design is the first in our Limited Edition Artist Series lineup.


Introducing Party Monster

We sat down with him to get the story behind the design:

“I wanted to create a unique little berry that wasn’t there before.  Creating a little ecosystem with all the faces doing different stuff but it’s together and existing as a whole. It’s a group of flavors living together in harmony. I wanted bright colors, the idea of a sour – bright, loud and in your face.... I like to think of the shape as a thought bubble and the fruit of a plant, in a jungle that no one can come to but me. I picked that fruit and imagined it within the brewery, and it became the Party Monster fruit... The title Party Monster is a personal slang term and reminds me of how I grew up.”


Find Party Monster beginning 8/16/19 in the Crozet + Roanoke Taprooms ONLY while supplies last.