Updates from the #StarrCity

Things are chugging along at our highly anticipated Starr Hill Roanoke Pilot Brewery & Side Stage. “We’re in the very early stages of the build out process,” reports Allie Hochman, Manager of Retail Operations. “We’ve just cut into the concrete floors to put in the bar drainage and brewing system.”

The Roanoke brewery will feature a 5-barrel brewing system, just ordered from Deutsche Beverage. This system will support a new brew every week that will be featured exclusively at the Pilot Brewery in Roanoke. Like at neighboring Roanoke breweries, customers will be able to reach out and touch the brite tanks.

“It’s important for customers to see and get to know our process. We’re excited to share the journey every new beer goes through and how we do things — our methods, where we get our inspirations...”

Once the drainage system is set, other equipment will be embedded into the concrete floors that will support the brewhouse, such as the heating system and the chiller. Next on the build list is the walk-in keg cooler, and then finally the construction of the bar.

Asked about the vision for the Pilot Brewery & Side Stage, Hochman shared that the goal was to translate the look and feel of our current Tap Room in Crozet, with a twist.

“The design elements will have an industrial vibe: reclaimed wood and metal with a concrete bar, just like at our original brewery, but will also incorporate touches that nod at Roanoke's rail-town feel.”

For those who have had a beer in our Crozet Tap Room, look out for design elements that are unique to the Roanoke Tap Room.