Heavy Rotation Series: Warehouse Pils + Playlist

A great playlist is all about what's new and what's next. That's why we created our Heavy Rotation Series: to keep fresh styles of beer coming your way. New beer never sounded so good. With each new release in the Heavy Rotation Series, we'll be posting a playlist of hand-picked tracks to share some of our favorite new songs and some deep cuts we're currently jamming out to. Up next is Warehouse Pils, a German Pilsner dry-hopped with German hops, golden in color with a mildly floral flavor and a crisp malt finish. This playlist is both the punch clock and the vacation. The cup of coffee and the daydream, working side by side. Who says you can't have a little fun at work? I guess that's why we're in craft beer. Here's a double six-pack of our favorite tunes to bump in the brewery warehouse, courtesy of our production team DJs Skip Roberts, Billy Lancaster, and Ryan Gruntz. It combines the flavors of garage, funk, folk and rock to create a great pairing for a bottle of Warehouse Pils and put a little spring in your step when there's work to be done. Cheers and enjoy!

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