Heavy Rotation Series: Basketcase American Helles + Punk Rock Playlist

A great playlist is all about what's new and what's next. That's why we created our Heavy Rotation Series: to keep fresh styles of beer coming your way. New beer never sounded so good. Up next this September is Basketcase American Helles, an American twist on a clean German Helles featuring Cascade hops that pervade this full-bodied lager with bready malt flavor. With each new release in the Heavy Rotation Series, we'll be posting playlist of hand-picked tracks. In honor of Basketcase and back to school season, this playlist is a history lesson in punk rock. From proto-punk to the NYC & UK scenes, DC hardcore to Riot grrrl, pop-punk to emo, and everything in between then and now - this mix turns up the volume as you get down with a punk rock pairing of this refreshing new beer. Cheers and enjoy! Don't forget to check out some of our past Heavy Rotation playlists for Sublime Citrus Wit and Daily Grind Peppercorn Farmhouse Ale.