In a Starr Hill Brewery first, we partied with friends from around Charlottesville and beyond for an incredible St. Paddy's event at the Tap Room - and man, what a great time! The brewery transformed into an Irish pub, complete with cozy tables, belly bars and mugs brimming with some special release stouts, including our collaboration with O'Hara's Irish Beers, Blackthorn Irish Export Stout, plus twists on favorites like Not-So-Irish Coffee Cream Stout and Peppermint Paddy's Chocolate Stout, and finally, Dark Starr Dry Irish Stout's last hurrah. In an epic St. Piggy's Throwdown, a trio of local chefs competed for top Irish dish using locally sourced pork products from The Rock Barn, including Hamiltons’ at First & Main's Chef Curtis Shaver with a Corned Beef Banger and Kardinal Beer Hall's Chef Thomas Leroy with an Irish Banger. Congratulations to Chef Tommy Lasley of Ivy Provisions for winning with their delicious Corned Bone-In Pig Brisket and Turnip Colcannon! The Albemarle Pipe and Drums, UVA Irish Dance Club, and Ken & Mike Farmer serenaded us with authentic Irish tunes and drinking songs, while Jon Spear Band brought some searing, funky blues tunes. Here's our Spotify playlist of traditional and newer Irish music for you to keep the party going: A big thanks to the restaurants, bands and everyone else for coming out! Here's some photos below to remember a great day of crafting great times. We can't wait until the next event--IPA JAMBEEREE!
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