A great playlist is all about what's new and what's next. That's why we created our Heavy Rotation Series: to keep fresh styles of beer coming your way. New beer never sounded so good. First up this March is Daily Grind Peppercorn Farmhouse Ale, with traditional aromas of spice and citrus combining with crushed peppercorns that bring earthy, bright flavors to this rustic saison farmhouse ale. Check out Brewmaster Robbie's thoughts in our First Taste series video:
  With each new release in the Heavy Rotation Series, we'll be posting playlist of hand-picked tracks to share some of our favorite new songs and some other deep cuts we're currently jamming out to. This first playlist is a double six-pack of songs that features some garage rock, indie pop, R&B and classic southern roots all mixed together to pair perfectly with a Daily Grind or your drink of choice this season. (Note: The Bobby Midnight Band song from Rockfish in the video is not available on the playlist as it is yet-to-be released!) Cheers and enjoy!