New Starr Hill Packaging Designs

Meet the Designer: Wyndsor Hug

Cutting her teeth as Creative Director at Charlottesville startup Musictoday (now Delivery Agent) Storyware Creative Director Wyndsor Hug has honed her design skills over a 15 year career working with - among many others - a string of music industry clients, including RCA Records, ATO Records and Dave Matthews Band.[caption id="attachment_3104" align="alignright" width="273"]Wyndsor Hug: Creative Director at Storyware Wyndsor Hug: Creative Director at Storyware[/caption]In 2015, Wyndsor and Storyware took on the immense task of redesigning Starr Hill Brewery's entire brand and packaging artwork. She quickly absorbed the culture and vision of the Starr Hill team, translating them into a portfolio of beautiful, eye-catching designs inspired by vintage concert posters and the surrounding landscape of Central Virginia.At Storyware music is still key to her creative process. Wyndsor recently shared a glimpse into her world as Creative Director (and a few of her favorite songs to work to) on Storyware's website. Here’s some of what she had to say below (visit Storyware's website for the full Q&A):

Where do you look for inspiration?

I define inspiration as anything that inspires creative activity. Most designers will tell you that inspiration comes from everything and that’s true for me as well. I get inspiration from people and especially my clients since they know their product and have the first ideas. Music is a huge way that I keep myself focused and in a creative mindset. I find inspiration in the design process itself and being engaged in problem-solving and what I’m making. Design is a good idea and good ideas often come from bad ideas! Other things that inspire me and keep the creativity flowing… coffee, the colors and shapes in nature, architecture, wine, stepping away from the MacBook, current events, other designers…

What creative projects are you most proud of?

I’ve worked on many projects with a ton of talented people, but I’m really proud of the brand redesign and packaging work we’re doing for Starr Hill Brewery and the consistency we’ve brought to their beer lineup. It was a big challenge for us. We redesigned their core beer line and a couple of seasonal brands in just a few months. It was really fun to look at the personality and existing packaging for each beer (a lot of these beers have been around awhile and have a pretty loyal customer base) and then redesign that packaging. The team at Starr Hill took a risk with their updated brand and packaging, and as a designer, that is always exciting and rewarding.Read the whole Q&A on Storyware's website and listen to Wyndsor's work playlist!