The Big House: VA Governor's Craft Beer Reception

As Virginia Craft Beer Month comes to a close, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe invited Starr Hill and the 11 other winners from the 2014 Virginia Craft Brewers Cup to the Executive Mansion in Richmond for a reception to celebrate the growth and success of craft beer in the state.Check out some great photos from the event featuring the Governor pouring himself and guests pints of Whiter Shade of Pale alongside Starr Hill Brewmaster, Robbie O'Cain, and Marketing Manager, Jack Goodall. A big thanks to the Governor for his support and a big congratulations to all the great craft breweries Virginia has to offer!20959690295_4332bb9669_o 20772935519_009273bf0a_o 20772935459_919fa3584b_o 20933441096_96573020f7_o 20771646280_3a13735dbb_o 20771646550_31cb5661b6_o