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The Spins: Vinyl Listening Party feat. The National

Join us and Vinyl Me, Please as we celebrate The National at The Spins!

Enjoy a night of music, meeting the local vinyl-loving community with pint specials, local eats from Eats on the Streets, and a dollar for every pint sold supports August’s Cheers for Charity partner, the Women’s Initiative. Who knows, you could even end up taking home your own copy of ‘Boxer’ on vinyl!

Follow @TheSpinsVMP on Twitter for updated details & your chance to win more exclusive giveaways!


No one talks enough about what a perfect title Boxer is for this album: a sport where you spar one opponent, the mirror of your own actions. A sport where half the battle is fighting yourself, and demands that you scrupulously analyze every move. A sport trading on the hope that you will always stay vigilant against failure, that no one will ever land the blow that knocks you into an elegant fall back into an unmagnificent life.