The Spins: Vinyl Listening Party feat. Miles Davis

For the December Edition of The Spins we will be celebrating Vinyl Me, Please‘s pressing of Miles Davis Sorcerer.


Enjoy a night of music, meeting the local vinyl-loving community, and pint specials. A dollar for every pint sold supports December’s Cheers for Charity partner, the Albemarle Housing Improvement Program. Who knows, you could even end up taking home your own copy of ‘Sorcerer’ on vinyl!


Sorcerer has never quite gotten its due, especially after the fact.

One of the marks of a truly complex artist is that the devoted fan values whichever points of entry into the artist’s work that was most attractive to them in the first place, and judges everything else by that standard. A few of Miles Davis’s records are widely understood as particularly attractive, which in Milesian terms means that they encapsulated a moment in the history of jazz, or in the history of American art, or in the history of 20th-century cool. Those who are attracted to the harmonically ancient elegance of Kind of Blue, or the ensemble counter-intuitions of Live at the Plugged Nickel, or the cinematic unfoldings of Miles Ahead, or the swampy altered-sensorium of Bitches Brew, might not hear enough of any that stuff in Sorcerer and find it lacking. I understand. Those other records are clear; they are markers of something. This one doesn’t work the same way.

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