Heavy Rotation Series: Sublime + Summer Playlist

A great playlist is all about what’s new and what’s next. That’s why we created our Heavy Rotation Series: to keep fresh styles of beer coming your way. New beer never sounded so good.

Up next this June is Sublime Citrus Wit, with citrus, tangy wheat and spice melding in a classic Belgian-style brew while real lemon and lime zest brightens its refreshing finish. Learn more about how Sublime is brewed from Lead Brewer, Trey McCoy, in our First Taste Series video:

With each new release in the Heavy Rotation Series, we’ll be posting playlist of hand-picked tracks to share some of our favorite new songs and some other deep cuts we’re currently jamming out to. This mix is a sunny playlist featuring a double six-pack of songs that combines flavors of ska, folk, R&B, rock and pop – all mixed together to pair perfectly with a bottle of Sublime or your drink of choice the summer season.

(Note: The Bobby Midnight Band song from Rockfish in the video is not available on the playlist as it is yet-to-be released!)

Cheers and enjoy!

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